Monday, November 5, 2007

Jody's Retro Game Reviews

So, as is obvious from some of the links on the side bar, I like retro game reviews. But it is very, very hard to find people doing these things on Youtube that aren't incredibly annoying (often more so because of their tendency to copy the AVGN). While searching the interwebs for something new to post, I came across this guy.

This is his review of Turrican II for the Amiga 500. The comedy is a little weak, but the review is still enjoyable. It has a nice soundtrack, and rather than approaching the subject with cynicism (which I have more than enough of, myself) he seems to genuinely love the old games he reviews. Check it out, you might find a gem you missed out on.

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1 comment:

Jody said...

Oh wow. Thanks for checking out my videos. In fact, I decided that my own approach and style will be truly from me. You are so right that there is too many trying to be the AVGN.

I got too involved in the Turrican 2 review (as you can tell at the end) and I was going to take it down and redo it but I had a few that swore they would kick my butt if I did.. lol.

Thanks for watching, buddy. I hope to make better ones in the future. :)

Jody (qix77) Craig