Friday, November 9, 2007


A post not dealing with Youtube? ZOMG!

No, this one will be about what I expect to be a new addiction. While on a MUSH, in an OOC area, I overheard people talking about some kind of MMO. The strange thing was that this MMO sounded a lot like Civilization. But it also sounded like Settlers of Catan. It was, in fact, an amalgam of both, going by the name of Travian.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the games listed above, it basically boils down to gathering resources and building a civilization based around the land you are presented with (and the civilization you choose). Travian has three options for the choice of civilization: The Gauls (Defensive), the Teutons (Offensive), and the Romans (All-around). The game is entirely web-based, and involves quite a bit of waiting on the part of the player. For example, while I'm typing this post I can see that I have a Granary being built which will be finished in 00:02:30 (it took about twenty minute all together, I think), and I'm also developing Cropland which should be done in 00:01:42 (developing land tiles only takes a few minutes).

You are presented with three maps to work with. The basic map is of your village's land, here you develop the land tiles so that you can harvest the four basic resources (Lumber, Clay, Iron, and Crop). The second most commonly used is of your Village Center, this is a walled in area where you create your buildings, such as a Granary or Warehouse. The third is a map of the world, square tiles divide the different lands, and you can see other player's villages near by.

I don't know much about how the conquest system works, but I assume that you can expand into other tiles and create more villages. I know that there is some sort of raiding system in place that allows you to invade other players' villages and plunder them for resources or some-such, but I'm still very new at this. In any case, if you enjoy Settlers of Catan or Civilization, I would definitely recommend that you give this game a try.

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